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-60% Hamedan
Hamedan lies on the shore of the Qareh in the midst of a well irrigated fruit-growing region to feet of the Zagros foothills in the northwest Iran. Being knotted in this city of carpets already for ancient time. A collecting name is Hamedan and carpets come from the many following places to the market. These have still maintained independence of their partly and treated name of their independently or in connection with Hamedan. These are: Assad-Abad, Begardeh, Bibikabad, Bortschalu, Borudjerd, Darjazin, Endjilas, Godardjin, Hosseinabad, Kabudar appendix, Khamseh, Kangaver, Karagös, Lilian, Malayer, Maslaghan, increase train, Noberan, Saveh, Tafresh, Tuserkan, Zagheh, Zandjab and Zanjan. Semiantike and ancient Hamadan carpets which one finds in private collections are in great demand in today's time. In private Knüpfereien market ware is in the different formats produced, which also is described as a Sharabaff casually. Also known as: Hamedan, Hamadán, Hamadan, Hamedun
Age 20-50
Knot density (±) 180000/m²
Origin persian
Pile Wool
Size 150 x 100
Warp Cotton
Also known as Hamedan, Hamadán, Hamadan, Hamedun
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  • Hamedan
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  • Dimensions: 148 cm x 92 cm
  • Thickness (±): 10 mm
  • Age: 20-50
  • Knot density (±): 180000/m²
  • Origin: persian
  • Pile: Wool
  • Size: 150 x 100
  • Warp: Cotton
  • Also known as: Hamedan, Hamadán, Hamadan, Hamedun
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Tags: Hamedan, Knotted by hand, Wool, Persian carpet