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Nain 9La

Nain 9La

Nain: The city of Nain lies into central Persia at the southern edge of the salt desert Kavir. Carpets are based in an excellent fineness here. It becomes makes Nains up to a knotting density of over 1 millions knots by sqm. The best, velvety cork wool and always silk is usually used as gauze material, so that an exact examination can be executed of medallions and Allover examination.

Nain is white blue known composition for his practised. Although Nain cannot build up on such a long knotting tradition, it has made a place to itself under the quality-conscious carpet manufacturers in Persia. The Nain especially is traded in Essfahan.

 The carpets of the city have a great reputation and are very popular. Both the material and the workmanship is very good quality and high knot density, often exceeding one million knots per square meter. The material in the most exclusive carpets is composed of wool or silk in the warp or silk in both the warp and the history and the hair.

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Nain 9la

355 cm x 242 cm

This carpet is knotted in workshops in the city of Nain in central Persia, near Isfahan. The carpet ..

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