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-50% Bakhtiar
?Bachtiar: The name comes from the time as which lords of the manor of the area in which these carpets were based, Bachtiaren, were. The Bachtiar carpet is produced by resident smallholders in house industriousness today although it is assumed often that the Bachtiar is a nomad carpet. The main production of the Bachtiar is Shar-Kurd, what as much as town of the kurds means. Further sub-provinces are Saman (Zweischussware), Babaheidar (bullet hole goods), Chalshotor and Bibibaff (Zweischuss or increase shot goods). The Bachtiar-Armanibaff is produced in the northern area of the real Bachtiar-knotting area. It shows that also Armenians pleasure in these have found samples although these die out slowly, a large portion of the population has emigrated Russia, their original native country since to.
Age 20-50
Knot density (±) 180000/m²
Origin Persian / Iran
Pile Wool
Warp Cotton
Also known as Baktiar, Bachtiar, Bakthiari, Bakthiyar, Baktjar, Bajtiar
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  • Bakhtiar
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  • Dimensions: 375 cm x 277 cm
  • Thickness (±): 10 mm
  • Age: 20-50
  • Knot density (±): 180000/m²
  • Origin: Persian / Iran
  • Pile: Wool
  • Warp: Cotton
  • Also known as: Baktiar, Bachtiar, Bakthiari, Bakthiyar, Baktjar, Bajtiar
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