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Our online carpet store offers visitors any type of Persian and oriental carpet with the best prices on the market. We have been offering as a carpet wholesaler for more than 30 years and now you can finally buy your ideal carpet for the living room, bedroom and hallway directly from us.

Dicarpet offers all types of carpets, both handmade and machine carpets. Remember that you can browse and use the filters to find your rug.

Also each Persian and Oriental rug comes with a certificate of quality and origin.


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Buying a rug is not an easy task, but don't worry because you are in the right place, at Dicarpet. Our Carpet Warehouse is located in Germany, Hamburg. But we also have a physical store in Madrid, Spain.

All the Persian and Oriental rugs that you can buy here are imported directly from their country and place of origin. That is why our page can offer the best prices for rugs and orientals in the market.

Our rugs are checked one by one, that is why we are sure about the quality of rugs that we offer to customers, both the quality and the condition of the product.

In order to find and buy your ideal carpet, simply browse our menu to find the type you are looking for. Use the filters to find the ideal size.

Our company Dicarpet, is proud to be able to offer visitors and customers the best quality rugs at the best prices.

What type of rugs can you buy in our online store?


Within our online store you can find all kinds of Persian rugs, oriental and modern rugs. Next, we will explain the most outstanding ones:


Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are the most famous rugs worldwide. They are famous for their designs and the high quality they have for being handmade.


Vintage Rugs

They are the same as the Persian rugs, but with a more modern style. These rugs are thinner because they have much shorter hairs. And the colors are more blurred and stand out less.


Oriental Rugs

Leaving Persian rugs aside, there are rugs with other oriental origins such as Zieger rugs that come from Pakistan, which have had a great fame for their designs and colors.



Gabbeh type rugs can have different origins, such as Persian or Indian Gabbeh rugs. Gabbeh rugs can be Gabbeh Loribaft which are very soft long pile rugs.



They are knotless rugs, these rugs are the cheapest category within rugs, although there may be kilim that cost more than a rug. Kilims have geometric designs and different colors are often used, so they are also cheerful and very fine rugs as they do not have hair.


Wool and Silk Rugs

Within the Persian rugs, you can find rugs that are made of wool and silk or pure silk. These rugs are one of the highest categories within rugs, since they have much finer knots and therefore much more resistant.


Modern Rugs

In our online store, we also have Modern rugs that can be handmade or machine-made. These rugs can have a wide variety of designs, so it is better to take a look yourself.


Persian machine made rugs

We also have Persian rugs that are made by machine, due to this they have very cheap prices compared to Persian handmade rugs. In the menu, inside the machine rugs you can find them.


Why is Dicarpet the best online store to buy Persian and oriental rugs?


Our online store, unlike other pages, can offer the best handmade rugs at the best price on the market. Since all rugs are imported directly from their country of origin.



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Excellent customer service


Best price and quality


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