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-50% Ziegler
Chobi-Ziegler: These Chobis are so-called "Ziegler" carpets of new and very high-quality type. These Zieglers are made by hand in Afghanistan of knotting experienced Turkmenly and are qualitatively considerably of higher quality like piece from Pakistan or India. This high-quality Afghan quality can always more difficult be found since the widely known problems hinder the trade and the production strongly in Afghanistan. Where does the name Ziegler come from? Does a Swiss have an English importer named Ziegler & Co. founded and simultaneously a carpet manufactory named Ziegler in Manchester, England in Sultanabad (today Arak), Iran, in 1883? By patterned carpets which are high-quality and kept in pastel crayons matched beautifully were produced in the way of the Mahal and Farahan. The success was gigantic and Ziegler carpets got to an international quality mark. Well received ancient Ziegler carpets obtain record prices primarily in the USA today. For some years these ancient Ziegler designs have been based again in high-quality quality. Unfortunately, also very many inferior are found to be able these offer the "lowest" price "to Ziegler" on the carpet market only under the premise, be produced at present. This Chobi-Ziegler is a qualitatively excellently finished piece with excellent sheep's wool of particularly high durability. Our Chobi are based by Afghan Turkmens in particularly fine and firm quality. The Knotung is stratified, a hump is also really therefore a knot on the back. Are not knotted stratifiedly often simple Ziegler what is the reason that only 2 humps yield a knot together, are based therefore therefore 2 times more roughly. The best Zieglerteppiche are based of hand airy-fairy wool which is coloured with plant colours.
Age 0-5
Knot density (±) 180000/m²
Origin Pakistan
Pile 100% Wool
Warp Cotton
Also known as Zigler
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  • Ziegler
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  • Dimensions: 354 cm x 272 cm
  • Thickness (±): 10 mm
  • Age: 0-5
  • Knot density (±): 180000/m²
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Pile: 100% Wool
  • Warp: Cotton
  • Also known as: Zigler
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